Service Providers

Modernise field operations and services with data insights and automation for improved service SLAs, increased customer satisfaction and profitable growth.

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Build competitive advantage
Differentiate your services with AI-driven innovation to deliver optimum performance

Maximise revenue and profitability
Proactively target and reduce operational inefficiencies, reduce costs, and improve quality of service

Meet sustainability targets
Reduce over-reliance on diesel to cut down on CO2 emissions and make significant gains toward NetZero goals

PowerX is a hardware-agnostic, cloud-based AI SaaS solution exclusively designed for large-scale telecom tower infrastructures that enables fast deployment of benefits at scale

Live AI Analytics

  • Real-time usage and operations data models
  • Automated anomaly detection at scale
  • Extended library of enriched data and events
  • Audit reporting & dashboards
  • Sites of interest prioritisation
  • Benchmarking

Live notifications on anomaly detection

  • Push / pull notifications
  • Root-cause anomaly information
  • Enriched contextual data
  • Automated severity ranking

Dynamic issue tracking

  • End-to-end automated issue tracking
  • Automated opening, tracking and closing of tickets
  • Enriched contextual data
  • Automatic MTTD / MTTR reports

Live AI Control

  • AI predictive models
  • Automated optimum control schedules
  • Closed-loop site instructions
  • Fail-safe control mechanics

Live AI Recommendations

  • ‘What-if” Simulations
  • Benchmarking
  • Saving recommendations
  • Upgrade CAPEX prioritisation
  • Bill of material

Managing and maintaining cell towers in Africa is a complex and unpredictable task. PowerX changes the game completely. It not only increases cost predictability for CFOs and reduces greenhouse gas outputs to help firms meet their environmental commitments, but the information it produces saves countless man hours and increases the length of life of expensive tower components

Andre Herbst, Chief Executive Officer of Megmar

Not only did PowerX platform reduce negative environmental impacts, it also resulted in zero network downtime and continuously drives improvements across our infrastructure. We are very optimistic about these findings and the role AI stands to play at the heart of MTN’s infrastructure programme.”

MTN Group

PowerX was one of the winners of the IBM Watson challenge in 2018. The PowerX platform is unique in its application of Watson AI to the mobile cell tower market. It uses ground-breaking AI to optimize both capex and opex for mobile network operators and Tower Cos. For any Tower Co or Network team looking for the next generation tools to improve tower performance and resilience with a future proof solution built on advanced IBM technology, then PowerX is the solution for you.

Chris Cook, IBM

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