Mobile connectivity has never been more mission-critical to the global economy and everyday lives. Yet tower operators face unprecedented pressures: the need for network growth, ‘always on’ connectivity, rapidly changing technology, difficult operations across vast remote geographies, and ambitious efficiency and NetZero sustainability goals.

Data is key for expert tower management teams to run a more resilient and efficient network but only if there’s a technology layer that can analyse at scale and help small, focused teams dramatically increase the reach of what they do.

PowerX is redefining tower management with Artificial Intelligence – the first solution to put data intelligence at the heart of tower management decisions, facilitating resilient and sustainable mobile connectivity growth.

In power management, PowerX AI innovation leads to:

Over 10% more energy from existing assets
Over 20-30% reduction in diesel consumption
Over 5-10% annual emissions reduction
Over 20-40 automated optimizations for every site, every day

Managing and maintaining cell towers in Africa is a complex and unpredictable task. PowerX changes the game completely. It not only increases cost predictability for CFOs and reduces greenhouse gas outputs to help firms meet their environmental commitments, but the information it produces saves countless man hours and increases the length of life of expensive tower components.

Andre Herbst, Chief Executive Officer of Megmar


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Not only did PowerX platform reduce negative environmental impacts, it also resulted in zero network downtime and continuously drives improvements across our infrastructure. We are very optimistic about these findings and the role AI stands to play at the heart of MTN’s infrastructure programme” 

MTN Group

PowerX was one of the winners of the IBM Watson challenge in 2018. The PowerX platform is unique in its application of Watson AI to the mobile cell tower market. It uses ground-breaking AI to optimize both capex and opex for mobile network operators and Tower Cos. For any Tower Co or Network team looking for the next generation tools to improve tower performance and resilience with a future proof solution built on advanced IBM technology then PowerX is the solution for you.”

Chris Cook, IBM

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