PowerX, a UK-based company, is redefining tower performance with Artificial Intelligence – the first solution dedicated to the Tower industry to put data intelligence at the heart of tower management decisions, facilitating resilient and sustainable mobile connectivity growth.

With PowerX, tower operators can monitor, control and apply continuous site-level efficiencies at scale for thousands of towers across entire networks.

Our solutions help Tower companies and Mobile Operators globally harness data intelligence to build infrastructure resilience, optimise tower operations and maintenance, reduce site inefficiencies, diesel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

With a wealth of experience in technology, telecoms, data and infrastructure, our seasoned executive team are passionate about using innovation to help you transform the performance of your mobile tower network.

Our board of directors is accountable for our strategy, activities and performance. Their wealth of experience steers us towards long-term success.

We are looking for passionate, innovative and inquisitive telecoms and technology experts to join PowerX on our mission to transform mobile networks through AI.

PowerX is built from a dynamic, friendly and experienced team who use technology to improve connectivity around the world. Join our team to revolutionise the future of mobile networks.

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