PowerX exists to help MNOs and Tower Cos deliver next-level improvements and meet consumer demand for greater connectivity in the most resilient, efficient, and sustainable way.

Over the years, working with mobile network teams and blue-chip brands in the telecom industry, our team realised there is a need for a better tool to manage tower infrastructures. MNOs and Tower Cos are often under constant pressure to deliver, expand their network and make savings on the way –  while struggling with fragmented views of site operations and time-consuming manual processes.

To plug that gap, our specialists have developed the first proven artificial intelligence solution dedicated exclusively to cell phone towers. Our AI platform continuously analyzes large, complex tower data sets in real-time to help you apply site-level efficiencies across your entire tower network. So you can manage tower operations at scale and take control over the complexity of the task.

With a wealth of experience in technology, telecoms, data and infrastructure, our seasoned executive team are passionate about using innovation to help you transform the performance of your mobile tower network.

Our board of directors is accountable for our strategy, activities and performance. Their wealth of experience steers us towards long-term success.

Join us in connecting the world 

We are looking for passionate, innovative and inquisitive telecoms and technology experts to join PowerX on our mission to transform mobile networks through AI.

PowerX is built from a dynamic, friendly and experienced team who use technology to improve connectivity around the world. Join our team to revolutionise the future of mobile networks.

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