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Derisk tower financials and operations with data intelligence at the heart of business decisions

A customer story


International tower company chose PowerX to automate manual tower operations and scale optimizations across the network without increasing manpower. The net-OPEX results demonstrated by PowerX self-funding solution will drive shareholder value. The customer chose the PowerX solution due to its expertise in using deep data analytics and artificial intelligence, its proven capability in automating manual processes, and PowerX’s data-driven architecture.


the challenge

In business since the mid ‘90s, a global provider of communications infrastructure offered an unparalleled product and value-added service portfolio for mobile networks on a global basis. In the process of growing, the organisation had encountered systemic barriers to maintain tower optimizations due to the scale and complexity brought by fast expansion. Any optimizations achieving OPEX savings that could not be maintained due to changes in specific tower operational performance resulted in increasing costs to the business. These challenges were even more acute in poor-grid markets where the customer invested significant capital to build a base for long-term green, efficient operations.

The problem was that their experienced team had to rely on manual processes to see through hundreds of billions of data points from tens of thousands of towers to find the sites with power infrastructure issues, and extract actionable insights. This was time-consuming and required an unrealistic number of tower specialists. As a result, they were not able to optimise operations fast enough, impacting the company’s bottom line. With the adoption of next-generation super-fast mobile data services and increasing demands from existing tenants, the pain of finding the needle in the haystack had to be sorted. Urgently!


the solution


AI and deep Data Analytics at the heart of tower operations The closed-loop cloud-based nature of the PowerX solutions, which did not require any site visits and no additional site equipment was a no-brainer choice. It enables the customer to deploy benefits fast across multiple countries despite different power hardware installed on sites. This has made the business case very compelling. That wasn’t the whole story, however. The customer was delighted by the responsiveness of the PowerX team in deploying the new technology. The AI-driven approach yielded fast actionable insights from large scale volume of data finding efficiencies otherwise buried deep in data. PowerX AI-led approach identified fast:

  • more than 10 actionable anomalies remain undetected and resolved for every single site every year
  • as a result for example, diesel generator runtime is wasted for at least 30 minutes per site per day with all the additional costs
  • every site needs between 20-40 setting changes per day to run it in its most optimum state which AI fully automates


What artificial intelligence does is deal with these vast swathes of data and, through algorithms that can be tailored towards your bespoke strategy and objectives.

the benefits

PowerX AI automation puts data intelligence at the heart of business decisions with strategic longterm financial and operational benefits PowerX AI Analytics and Automation solutions for thousands of towers now enables a lean team of experts at the customer head office to maintain optimizations whilst also delivering same optimisations automatically for new towers as the network continues to expand. PowerX AI-led approach brings data intelligence at the heart of management decisions derisking both financial expenditure and investment as well as driving operational resilience.

The opportunity to expand the applications of PowerX AI approach long-term are wide and they span to better CAPEX planning or increased resilience for higher tenancy ratio with no impact to uptime SLAs to name a few, creating thus the foundation for more competitive offerings to attract new tenants in the future. In a nutshell, with PowerX, our customers benefit from:

  • Increased efficiency without increasing manpower
  • Additional financial value without adding new cost lines in the business
  • Net-OPEX increase driving shareholder value up
  • Investor confidence in sustainability plans

The tower company is now better positioned strategically for market changes and fully prepared to scale the business over new countries.