CAPEX planning

Maximise infrastructure CAPEX investments with enhanced operational data. AI-driven predictions strengthen investment decisions and prioritisation calls.

Over 10% improvement in asset realisation
Over x3 ROI from site CAPEX investments

Live AI Analytics

PowerX advanced ML / AI models monitor and analyse site usage patterns in real-time overtime and overlay third party forecasts to predict efficient operational requirements for the site, detecting insufficient or excess infrastructure dimensioning thresholds such as:

  • Insufficient power back-up
  • Degrading power infrastructure requiring upgrades
  • Underutilised assets that can be redeployed
  • Spare capacity to support new site equipment or tenants
  • Predictive maintenance requirements

Live notifications on anomaly detection

On detection of insufficient or excess infrastructure that require upgrade or redeployment, PowerX deploys live notifications – in-app alerts, emails, SMS, NOC alerts, reports – that equip operational teams with enriched contextual data. Examples are:

Live AI Recommendations

PowerX runs AI ‘What if’ scenarios to generate recommendations, including site lists for any bill of materials needed for upgrades addressing sustainability objectives. These might include:

  • Number and cost of battery upgrades to maintain autonomy SLAs
  • Number and cost of storage battery capacity or solar panels required to reduce or eliminate diesel/CO2
  • Power dimensioning recommendations for 3G to 4G to 5G upgrades or for new tenants
  • Best-performing OEM equipment for existing or new sites design
  • Recommended predictive maintenance schedule per site