Operational efficiency

Take time intensive fault-finding out of the minds and hands of the people on the ground and equip infrastructure operations team with accurate, reliable, business-friendly data. Reduce unnecessary site visits or eliminate inefficiencies buried in fragmented data sets.

50x improvement in team efficiency
Reduce MTTR from months to weeks & days

Live AI Analytics

PowerX advanced ML / AI models monitor and analyse site usage patterns in real-time, detecting any inefficiencies that result in repeat site visits or avoidable costs. These might include:

  • Unexplained drop in energy
  • Unexplained extended HVAC run
  • Fuel dripping
  • Diesel generator CPH gradual decline or sudden change
  • Faulty sensors
  • Assets register mismatch

Live Notifications on Anomaly Detection

On detection of anomalies or inefficiencies that increase operational costs, PowerX deploys live notifications – in-app alerts, emails, SMS, NOC alerts, reports – that equip operational teams with enriched contextual data. Examples are:

  • Source of anomaly
  • Anomaly frequency
  • Number of hours since anomaly detected
  • Dollar cost
  • OPEX saving opportunity

Dynamic issue tracking

PowerX ranks issues by business severity, prioritises largest issues and opens issue tickets automatically – providing key metrics to operational teams and empowering them to act and proactively fix issues first time. PowerX tracks the issue and automatically closes tickets when data shows the issue is rectified, providing automatic reports on MTTD and MTTR.