Maximise renewable energy use from hybrid investments to run mobile connectivity sites more responsibly and more sustainably by eliminating avoidable grid or diesel generator runs due to inefficiencies – reducing diesel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Over 5-10% annual emissions reductions
Over 50% CO2 savings on poorly optimised sites

Live AI Analytics

In real-time, PowerX advanced ML / AI models observe over-time site energy production and consumption patterns – taking assets, capacity and site load into account. It deploys predictive models and detects unseen energy usage inefficiencies that can drive high costs. These include:

  • Wasted solar
  • Avoidable diesel or grid usage,
  • Inefficient battery charging cycle
  • Wasted battery
  • Inefficient diesel generator load

Live AI Control

PowerX innovative remote AI Control deploys proprietary AI models integrated with weather forecasting tools to predict energy demand and prioritise CO2 reduction. It produces optimum power control schedules which update in real-time, sending operational parameters tailored for each individual site. Automated optimisations include:

  • Maximising solar energy capture and storage
  • Maintaining optimum diesel generator load
  • Reducing CO2 emissions

Audit reports

PowerX provides ongoing audit trails with metrics and reports, offering Sustainability Teams easy access to all up-to-date KPIs required to report on the progress and savings of sustainability programmes.

Live AI Recommendations

PowerX runs AI ‘What if’ scenarios to generate recommendations, including site lists for any bill of materials needed for upgrades addressing sustainability objectives. These might include:

  • Number and cost of storage battery capacity or solar panels required to reduce or eliminate diesel/CO2