Site Resilience

Deliver high uptime SLAs for consistent mobile internet connections, regardless of increasing complexity such as 4G/5G expansion, ultra-rural coverage or increased site tenancy ratio.

Over 8% improvement in site back up resilience
20-40 automated optimizations for every site, every day, no manual interventions

Live AI Analytics

PowerX advanced ML / AI models monitor and analyse site usage patterns in real-time, detecting any significant changes that put site resilience at risk. These might include:

  • Rectifier step changes
  • Battery back-up autonomy breach
  • Faulty equipment
  • Sudden drop in battery charging efficiency
  • Sudden drop in grid or backup power

Live Notifications on Anomaly Detection

On detection of anomalies or inefficiencies that put the site resilience at risk, PowerX deploys live notifications – in-app alerts, emails, SMS, NOC alerts, reports – with enriched contextual data. Examples include:

Live AI Control

PowerX innovative remote AI Control tools can be triggered when anomalies or inefficiencies are detected. These send closed-loop AI Control commands to the tower to optimise use of infrastructure assets to reduce resilience risk, such as:

  • Protecting battery back-up autonomy policy
  • Optimising use of power sources in real-time

Live AI Recommendations

Where sites require equipment or infrastructure upgrades to protect site resilience, PowerX runs AI ‘What if’ scenarios to generate recommendations. For example, a recommended bill of materials might identify:

Number of additional back up batteries required to maintain site autonomy policy

  • Rectifier upgrades
  • Renewable energy options to meet new site load requirements
  • A need for more efficient OEM modules on the site