PowerX innovates with industry-first artificial intelligence (AI) tools for cell tower management, bringing data intelligence into the heart of operational decisions.

PowerX AI learns how your network operates down to each individual tower, collecting and analysing billions of data points across tower networks in real-time to unlock efficiencies, identify invisible anomalies and generate detailed audit trails.

PowerX AI automation finds inefficiencies buried deep in operational data, automates time-intensive manual processes and delivers continuous network optimisations at scale.

In power management, PowerX AI innovation leads to:

Over 10% more energy from existing assets
Over 20-30% reduction in diesel consumption
Over 5-10% annual emissions reduction
Over 20-40 automated optimizations for every site, every day

PowerX AI – a digital transformation, setting new operational standards

PowerX AI collects, analyses and learns from billions of data points across tower networks – unlocking efficiencies, identifying invisible anomalies and generating detailed audit trails to set new operational and sustainability benchmarks. Scaling up means more data and more efficiencies.

Deliver high uptime SLAs for consistent mobile internet connections regardless of increasing complexity such as 4G/5G expansion, ultra-rural coverage or increased site tenancy ratio.

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Equip infrastructure operations team with accurate, reliable, business-friendly data that helps them reduce unnecessary site visits and eliminate inefficiencies buried in fragmented data sets.

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Optimize and right-size power systems in the face of ever-changing power requirements. Maximize asset realisation and continuously drive cost-efficient and responsible energy usage

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Maximise renewable energy from hybrid investments. Eliminate unnecessary grid and diesel generator runs due to inefficiencies. Reduce diesel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Maximise infrastructure CAPEX investments with enhanced operational data. AI-driven predictions strengthen investment decisions and prioritization calls.

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How PowerX works

1. Build business-oriented data environment
PowerX partners with tower systems providers to collect large scale data. It deploys AI data quality audit and data fix techniques to help address gaps that prevent optimizations.

How PowerX works

2. Apply a business lens to your site data
PowerX ingests hundreds of data points for each site in near real-time, creates new enriched metrics, and applies ML models to continuously turn raw data into up-to-date business information for thousands of sites – features only available through our technology.

How PowerX works

3. Detect previously unseen efficiencies
PowerX deploys proprietary ML / AI models exclusively developed for mobile towers to identify efficiencies that can be deployed at scale and detect anomalies that impact operational efficiency or put the site at risk.

How PowerX works

4. Automate at scale
PowerX uses an industry-first approach to automate optimizations at scale with operational tools including audit reports, notifications, trouble tickets, AI controls and AI ‘what-if’ simulations.

How PowerX works

5. Benchmark
PowerX benchmarks operations at scale with league tables and comparison tools. These empower teams across the business to identify best-performing operations or OEMs within the network – or against the wider market.

Managing and maintaining cell towers in Africa is a complex and unpredictable task. PowerX changes the game completely. It not only increases cost predictability for CFOs and reduces greenhouse gas outputs to help firms meet their environmental commitments, but the information it produces saves countless man hours and increases the length of life of expensive tower components.

Andre Herbst, Chief Executive Officer of Megmar

Not only did PowerX platform reduce negative environmental impacts, it also resulted in zero network downtime and continuously drives improvements across our infrastructure. We are very optimistic about these findings and the role AI stands to play at the heart of MTN’s infrastructure programme

MTN Group

PowerX was one of the winners of the IBM Watson challenge in 2018. The PowerX platform is unique in its application of Watson AI to the mobile cell tower market. It uses ground-breaking AI to optimize both capex and opex for mobile network operators and Tower Cos. For any Tower Co or Network team looking for the next generation tools to improve tower performance and resilience with a future proof solution built on advanced IBM Technology, then PowerX is the solution for you.

Chris Cook, IBM

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